hurricane season

what is hurricane season?

     Hurricane season for the Lowcountry officially begins June 1st every year and ends at the end of November. This time of year can be overwhelming with storms possibly impacting the coast or it can be calm with a possible sign of no hurricanes. Either way, it is always important to prepare for the endless possibilities that hurricane season brings forth. 


     Hurricane season not only brings on hurricanes but also other threats that can be extremely dangerous. Hurricanes stir up the ocean and the force of the winds pushes water onshore. This is known as a storm surge, which can cause extreme flooding on land. Hurricanes are also accompanied by heavy rains, which can also cause intense flooding inland. High winds can destroy buildings, homes, signs, and can cause outdoor items to be projectiles during a storm.


  Be sure that trees & shrubs near your home are maintained

  Clean the yard of items that could become projectiles in high winds

  Know your evacuation routes and your destination

  Evaluate your home's foundation for cracks and other damages

  Locate your water shutoff valve

  Gather emergency supplies to keep your family safe

  Make sure that rain gutters are properly maintained

  Prepare your car by filling the gas tank and ensuring it is up to date on


  Know the difference between a hurricane watch vs. hurricane warning

  Review insurance policies


   Bottles (gallons) of water
   Several days' supply of non-perishable food
   First Aid kit
   Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils
   Clothing for several days
   Cash and credit card
   Extra batteries
   List of emergency numbers
   Pet Supplies
   Important documents
  Rain gear
  Tool kit
  Extra house and car keys
  Local Maps